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Your hipbones are actually quite lovely :)
you are incredibly sexy. just saying!

Thank you:)

No matter how much suffering you went through, you never wanted to let go of those memories.🌸
On Wednesdays we wear Pink😂🎀. #FatPeopleProblems #JustLetMecallMyselfFat
Asians fo lyfe💕👭
I need a change of hair😩 #AnySuggestions ?
Tbt. Fourth of July. Baby Aj😍❤ #cutestbabyaward #KissyFace
My favorite baby Aria😍💕 #ShesSoCute #SheLovesMyNecklace #CutestBabyAward
Is it bad that my hip bones show? My little brother keeps making fun of me calling me abnormal😭😪